(Course taught as part of the practical classes for AeroStream students.)

Lecture Duration: 3 hrs per week (upto 3 weeks)

Time: Tuesday, March 7, 1 pm – 4 pm.

Venue: D-Hall, Block-D, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Central Campus, IOE.


To familiarise students to numerical techniques for solving basic conduction and diffusion equations using finite volume method, meshing techniques in ICEM and the solver Fluent, and introduce them to the OpenFOAM CFD Tolbox.


Basic Aero-thermodynamics; Numerical methods; Basic programming skills in C/C++.


– Finite Volume Method treatment of Navier-Stokes equations; Programming basic conduction and diffusion equations in MATLAB; solution of partial differential equations in MATLAB  PDE Toolbox.

– Meshing in (ANSYS) ICEM and basic solution methods in Fluent; Boundary conditions; Basic cases and solution examples.

– Introduction to OpenFOAM; Running test cases; Solvers and solver setup; Programming and compiling.


sudip@ioe.edu.np; +977-9860026391; Office 205-B, Block-D, IOE Central Campus (Pulchowk)

Open Lecture on Computational Fluid Dynamics at DME