S.N. Author Thesis Title Date of result
1 Deb Kumar Shah Study on implementation of solar photovoltaic traffic lighting system for Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal 2061/1/31
2 Gajendra Prakash Bhatta A study on techno-financial aspects of wind and diesel pump for lifting ground water under local specific conditions: A case study of Nawal Parasi, Parasi, Nepal 2061/1/31
3 Kiran Kumar Baral Study on the performance evaluation of solar photovoltaic water pumping system with the locally manufactured tracking gear 2061/1/31
4 Madhusudan Singh Basnyat A study on gasifires based drying of large cardamom: A case study of Ilam district 2061/1/31
5 Pawan Basnyat Analytical determination of temperature profile at various depths below earth’s surface and testing the performance of earth air tunnel 2061/1/31
6 Phanindra Gyawali A study on cost reduction possibilities of mechanical components of micro hydro power system 2061/1/31
7 Ram Chandra Aryal A study on cost reduction possibilities of electrical components of micro hydro power system 2061/1/31
8 Ram Chandra Poudel A steady-state CFD analysis of an airfoil of horizontal axis wind turbine with 3D grid 2061/1/31
9 Renukar Chaudhary A comparative study on efficiency improvement of locally available flat plate solar water collector in Nepal 2061/1/31
10 Revati Raman Parajuli A study on cost reduction possibilities in civil components of micro hydro power system 2061/1/31
11 Shreekar Pradhan An investment option in transport sector through clean development mechanism: A case study of trolley buses in ring road 2061/1/31
12 Shree Raj Shakya A case study on contribution on the reduction of green house gas emission from AEPC/ESAP’s renewal energy technology projects 2061/1/31
13 Rajendra Singh Production of biogas from poultry waste in Kathmandu 2061/5/31
14 Rana Pratap Singh Economic evaluation of micro-hydro power projects with special reference to Agretar MHP of Kavre district, Nepal 2061/5/31
16 Jyoti Prasad Dhital A study on the possibility of large-scale biogas plants in Nepal. 2061/9/29
17 Nawaraj Bhattarai Study on Grid-connected photovoltaic system in Nepal 2061/9/29
18 Yogesh Ram Mishra A study of the fuelwood feed characteristics on the fire performance within stove enclosures 2061/9/29
19 Prashant Mandal Investigation on the technical and financial viability of replacing cement mortar and plaster by low cost bonding material in biogas plants 2062/1/30
20 Ajay Kumar Jha Feasibility study and economical analysis of solar powered battery operated boat 2062/1/30
21 Kul Prasad Simkhada

A study on the performance of a domestic gasifier stove

22 Praveen Kumar Mahato Studies on the indigenous renewable liquid biofuel for the substitution of kerosene oil 2062/1/30
23 Hari Charan Ghimire A study on techno-financial analysis of solar dryer for withering and drying of tea leaves: a case study of Jhapa district, Mechi Zone, Nepal 2062/1/30


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