The following list contains the projects carried out by DME students at various levels. Click the hyperlinks for mode details.


2017 AIAA Student Design Competition– Human Spaceflight: Phobos Base

2017 AIAA Student Design Competition– Undergraduate Team Aircraft Design Competition.

Project Summary

Airbus Fly-Your-Ideas 2017– “A data-driven decision support and intelligence augmentation system for pilots and flight operation planning based on flight dynamic modelling”, Round-1 Competitors.


Finalists- ASME Innovative Design Simulation (IDSC) Challenge 2016, “Design and Optimization of Assymmetric Nozzle and Inlet Geometries of Shock-Induced Combustion Ranjet (Shcramjet) Engine,” ASME IDETC/CIE/AM3D Conference – August 21-24, 2016 – Charoltte, North Carolina. (IDSC Challenge).


Chharito Ghar– Earthquake Relief Initiative

Airbus Fly-Your-Ideas 2015– “Conservative and Modular Airport Design Approach for Future Air Traffic Management”. Round-2 Competitors.