The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has been running the Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering program and Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering since 1995 and 2018 respectively, with a yearly enrollment quota of an excellent group of 48 students for each program who are selected though highly competitive IOE national entrance examinations. Therefore, our students have excelled not only in undergraduate academic and project activities, but also as engineers working in the various fields of expertise at home and abroad. In addition, they have been leaders in organizing various technological, sports and social events & campaigns.

The department also offers excellent post-graduate and research programs. The department started its first Masters of Science program with M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Engineering (MS-REE) in 2001. In addition, it started the PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2003, with nine doctoral students currently pursuing their research degrees under the department. Later it added M.Sc. in Technology Innovation and Management (MS-TIM), and M.Sc. in Energy Systems Planning and Management (MS-ESPM),  in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Following the need for a core postgraduate program in Mechanical Engineering, the department has added the M.Sc. in Mechanical System Design and Engineering (MS-MSDE) in 2017. Our postgraduate as well as undergraduate alumni are already serving in Directorial and Managerial positions in many of the nation’s vital governmental as well as private organizations, as well as excelling in the various echelons of academic and industrial entities abroad.

We have highly qualified faculties who have studied in world class universities around the world. Our faculties and students researches are routinely published in high-ranking journals. In addition, we are highly focused on the development of vital infrastructures and laboratories facilities that can foster a productive and proud culture of research and academia. Our continuing effort and dedication towards these values have lead us to signing MoUs with nationally and internationally prominent institutions.

As the Head of Department, I am confident that our department will continue its tradition of excellence, and in the coming years will grow into a center for excellence in academic research, teaching and learning activities at national and regional levels. I am assured of our capabilities and the unfaltering strides we are taking towards our goals, and I would like to thank all our partners and collaborators for their support in strengthening our department.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Surya Prasad Adhikari
Head of Department
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Institute of Engineering Pulchowk, Tribhuvan University