The first successful test of a Ultra Low Lead (Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine) micro-hydro power plant in Nepal was carried-out by a team at IOE, under the supervision of Dr. Shree Raj Shakya, who is the Acting Head of the Center of Energy Studies (IOE, TU) and coordinator of the MS-ESPM program at DME.

 The progress is a result of continuous researches conducted by the faculties and students of Pulchowk Campus,  and was done with direct funding fromt the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal. 

A number of teams of graduate and undergraduate students had worked on the project for the past several years at DME, and the research is still being continued at the department under Dr. Shakya’s supervision who believes that now the micro-hydro technology can be a potential RET option for the decentralized sustainable electrification in the terai and flat regions of our country.




Successful test of Ultra Low Head (Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine) micro-hydro power plant for the first time in Nepal