Core Courses
EG 801 ME I Semester Fundamentals of Thermal Engineering 3 Credits
EG 802 ME I Semester Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications 4 Credits
EG 803 ES I Semester Energy Resources 2 Credits
EG 804 SH I Semester System Mathematics 3 Credits
EG 805 ES I Semester Bio Energy 3 Credits
EG 851 EE II Semester Instrumentation 4 Credits
EG 852 ES II Semester Renewable Energy Systems Technology 4 Credits
EG 853 ME II Semester Project Planning and Management 3 Credits
EG 854 ES II Semester Economics of Energy Projects 2 Credits
EG 855 SH II Semester Applied Sociology 2 Credits
EG 901 SH III Semester Research Methodology 2 Credits
A. Elective Courses
EG 902 ME Any Two in  Semester III Solar Thermal Technology 4 Credits
EG 904 EX Solar PV Technology 4 Credits
EG 903 ES Micro Hydro 4 Credits
EG 905 ES Bio Gas Technology 4 Credits
EG 906 ES Bio Fuel Technology 4 Credits
EG 907 ES Wood Energy Technology 4 Credits
EG 908 ES Wind Energy Technology 4 Credits
EG 909 ES New Renewable Energy Technologies (NRETs) 4 Credits
EG 915 ES Environmental Impacts and Climate Change 4 Credits
B. Elective Courses
EG 910 ES Any One in Semester III Energy Planning and Management 4 Credits
EG 911 ES Energy Auditing, Analysis and Conservation 4 Credits
EG 912 ES System Integration 4 Credits
EG 914 ME Design and Manufacturing 4 Credits
EG 951 ME IV Semester Thesis 16 Credits

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