A Springer Nature Workshop

Speaker: Ms Priya Vyas, Editor, Applied Sciences and Engineering

Time: December 14 | 4 pm NST | IOE Pulchowk

Attendees Limit: 40 people (graduate students are encouraged)

Also, visit the Springer Nature book exhibition during the conference!!

About the Presenter:
Priya Vyas is presently working as Editor at Springer Nature. She is responsible for acquisition and publishing of books in Engineering and Applied Sciences, which is part of the global publishing portfolio at Springer. She holds degrees in chemistry and business administration, specializing in operations. She has a work experience of more than a decade into academic publishing. Having worked for several multinational publishers, she holds intensive knowledge and has gained immense experience in various areas of academic publishing (both books and journals). In addition to her main role as publishing editor, she is part of several global working groups such as Research Integrity, Third-party Rights, Sustainable Development Goals, and many others across Springer Nature.

About the Workshop:
The face of scientific publishing is changing at a very fast pace. Transitions from print to electronic, onset of open access publishing and change in research demographics by geography, are a few of the issues being talked about in the publishing world today. How do these changes affect researchers? How can young researchers leverage these transitions to make their work visible? What is Open Access Publishing? What are citations and how are they calculated? These are just a few questions that Springer’s Author Workshops address. In this particular Author Workshop Lecture, Priya Vyas will speak briefly about the transitions in and the needs of the publishing world and how young researchers need to prepare for it.  This author workshop has been devised specifically as a resource for teaching non-native English-speaking researchers, particularly young scientists how to achieve publication success. Some of the key topics covered during this presentation are:

  • Writing for International Journals: Structure, Style and Accuracy

How to structure a journal paper, what are the relevant sections, how should they be composed, dos and don’ts for each section, language tips when writing journal articles

  • Selecting a Journal for your Manuscript

What factors to consider when selecting a journal, how to find journals relevant to your topic area, what do journal editors look for in papers

  • Peer Review and you

The peer review process, how does it work, timelines for review and publishing, what do peer reviewers look for, how to respond to review comments

  • Publication Ethics

What are the ethical issues in publishing, plagiarism, self-plagiarism, ethical clearances, authorship disputes, how to treat data, where to get advice on ethics

  • Plagiarism, Citations, Open Access

The Buzzwords of publishing

What are citations, how are impact factors calculated, indexing databases, what is open access, benefits of open access, types of open access publishing

  • Avoiding pitfalls

How to avoid predatory journals, what to do if a paper is rejected, tools and tips to avoid structure, language, and style errors

Springer Nature Workshop for Scientific Writing