The IOE-NUAA Workshop for exchange and cooperation in aerospace engineering was held in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China, on Oct 25-28th. On 24th of October 2018, delegates from IOE-Pulchowk, comprising of the Campus Chief Prof. Dr. Gokarna Bahadur Motra and DME Head of Department Dr. Nawraj Bhattarai, visited the NUAA main campus to begin the four-day workshop. In addition to the presentations of research activities from delegates on both sides, the workshop also largely focused on laboratory visits by the IOE delegates as well as operational observations.

The laboratories visited and observed were the aerospace electronics laboratory, turbomachinery lab (compressor 2 stage and 5 stage test rig, cascade test rig, dynamic testing of engine casings, fatigue testing, for multi-dimensional structures), digital electronics laboratory where sensors were used to detect fault in structures, and the aerospace manufacturing laboratory (CNC lathe and turning, 3D printing, wire cutting, laser cutting, traditional milling and turning, mechatronics lab with components from German company. The delegates also observed the operations of the navigation and radar control lab as well as the flight simulator laboratory, and attended briefing and discussions regarding the C919 aircraft project. The program also included visits of the culturally and historically significant sites of the Nanjing city.

During the visit, IOE delegates observed the structure and significance of the state- and provincial-level Key Laboratories System in China and discussed the future possibilities of such a system of research organizations in Nepal. The system also includes a chain of technical training centers and teaching laboratories in major universities around the country.

The workshop concluded with an agreement for the next TU-NUAA workshop, which will be held in Nepal.

IOE-NUAA Aerospace Workshop Held in Nanjing, China
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